During my years of adolescence I have studied the painter.
toulouse lautrec And the draftsman Duke it was my main thing inspiration.
Then I followed a school of plastic art during 1 year then 3 years in an européene school Of draftswoman and illustrator of whom I went out of this school to award a diploma desinatrice-illustracice ).
after my school my inspiration was differente, I like the style woman contemporain and style pin up.I always have to like nudes, the work of the body me interresse a lot.
I slowly began to work my own technique which I use always today, concerning the oil I make I even my paintings so by fabrics(tissues) chosen I few to play on different thickness and by a technique appropriate for me my paint satine naturally.
I like very much working textures of the pencil of paper and the coloured pencil. My favourite colour is green.
I made many exhibitions and gain medailles, some of my paintings took place in collections private, I also worked for cover-art and drawings on the heavy fanzine adagio.
hobbies: enemy territory, player snoop, night, urtier,miruku,test,wulfere,Raziel,Maus...
I like the skateboard, Chris Haslam.
I like the logos Exemple enemy territory, fallen And the music style yngwie malmsteen , joe stump, buckethead, International Rare Groove soul funk afrobeat reggae.....